In order to be prepared for any meal, every girl needs to keep her pantry stocked with some basics.  Here is a lit of what I always keep on hand.

Fresh   ingredients Dry ingredients
Red onions Rice
Yellow onions Cous cous
Shallots Pasta
Lemons   (or lemon juice) Orzo
Garlic   (my new favorite thing is Lazy Garlic already chopped in a jar)
Ginger   (or Lazy Ginger)
Cans and Jars Spices & Herbs
2 cans chopped tomatoes Sea Salt
1 can coconut milk Kosher Salt
Olive oil Black peppercorns
Sunflower Oil White pepper
Peanut Oil Oregano
Chili oil Old Bay
Canned Tuna Rosemary
Black   beans/Kidney beans sage
Cream of   Chicken Soup (condensed) Garlic powder
Cream of   Mushroom Soup (condensed) Paprika
Chicken stock cubes Turmeric
Beef stock cubes Cumin
Fish stock cubes Chives
Vegetable   stock cubes Bay leaves
Fresh herbs
Baking Supplies Chinese cooking
All   purpose/Plain Flour Shaoshing Rice wine
Granulated sugar Black rice vinegar
Soft brown Sugar Light soy sauce (not low sodium but   light in color)
Nutmeg Dark Soy sauce
Cinnamon Toasted sesame oil
Honey Yellow bean paste (soy bean paste)
Baking Powder Chinese 5 spice  
Baking Soda   (Bicarbonate) Oyster Sauce  

2 thoughts on “Pantry

  1. Lucille Trimm says:

    I saw your site on another recipe site, and it said that there would be a recipe for seasoning for fried chicken. Can’t find it, and your website is really hard to follow for a computer illiterate.

    • S. Cottom says:

      Go to the fried chicken post and just scroll down to the bottom. I’m gonna work on making it a bit more user friendly but I’m new to this blogging thing as well. Thanks for stopping by!!!

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