Where have you been?


You know, sometimes life gets in the way. So this is what happened:

I was on a roll. You guys were getting at least one post a week (which I’m hoping you we’re enjoying). Then it happened. I was writing a post on nachos that included my world famous (ok just all my friends famous) guacamole and my lime salsa recipes. Lets just go back to the guacamole…it’s so good you can eat it with a spoon and I’ve seen it done. Anyway, I spent hours writing the recipe because as you may or may not realise, unless otherwise noted these recipes come straight from the Black Girl Test Kitchen (aka me).

Now the software that I use to produce this blog auto saves everything so on this particular day (which was a particularly beautiful day in London) I decided it would be safe to just write the post directly in the software. Normally I write in Word and copy the final draft into the blog.

Everything was going well. Everything was formatted, spell check complete, photos placed strategically to add to your viewing experience. Everything was saved (I checked multiple times that I was saving it). All ready to post for your viewing pleasure. I hit what I thought was the post button and a weird error message popped up. It was stuck. I couldn’t get it off the page. There was no little x in the upper right corner. There was no cancel button. A wave of panic cascaded over my body. You know the one – pounding temples, sweat around the hairline, clammy armpits, a flutter in the tummy all indicating that your day’s work is about to be flushed down the electronic toilet.

Well the error message did go away and with it so did my article. Then I got mad. I got mad at WordPress like I had just caught it cheating on me after 30 years of marriage. I have dumped life long friends for far less. This was an act of electronic betrayal. I trusted it and it used me. Took all my work and left me with nothing ( I want you to picture Scarlet Ohara drama right here). And on top of this I missed out on a beautiful London summer day. I would have been far more forgiving if the sun hadn’t been out that day. So we had to separate.

During our separation I began studying to be a life coach (www.bethebestme.com coming soon) which has taken a great deal of my time. I’ve also started a new job which is super intense and required all of my mental energy to get up to speed.

After our long separation and a really good vacation to the Caribbean, I’ve decided to give it a second chance. I am reconciling with the blogosphere. Plus I’ve got lots of new recipes to share. I’ll be back with some new recipes and helpful articles on a regular basis again starting this week so tell all of your friends I’m back and subscribe!!

By the way did I mention the guacamole?

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  1. Sharon Link says:

    I felt as jilted as you did…you left us without even a “see ya later!”…WELCOME HOME!

  2. Mom says:

    Glad you are back. Black Girl Cooks has been missed.

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  4. Nice to have your blog back.

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